The DTF Printing market

The DTF Printing market

What is DTF printing (Direct to Film printing)

DTF printing or Direct to Film printing is a technology that involves imprinting a design directly onto a film or a fabric using specialised inkjet printers. This technology is widely used in the printing and textile industry for the production of labels and packaging materials.

DTF PrintingThe Direct-To-Film printing market is rapidly expanding and has already made a significant impact in small and large-scale industries. The growth in the Direct-To-Film printing market is being driven by a number of factors. They include the increase in demand for high-quality printed materials, the development of new materials and techniques, and the growing popularity of digital printing.

  1. One of the major benefits of DTF printing is the ability to produce high-quality printed materials with a high level of precision and detail. This technology is particularly well-suited for printing on an assortment of Fabrics and flexible materials that require a high level of accuracy and consistency.
  2. While it is commonly used in the printing and textile industry, DTF printing has the potential to come in handy in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries as well.

How does it work?

The DTF printing machine uses a customised inkjet printer with specialised inks and print rip software. You can apply almost any kind of graphic printed onto a specially made PET clear film with inks specially formulated to bond the film. It is then cured through a low-temperature oven and once this transfer is complete the machine prepares itself to heat and imprint on a large range of fabrics and media. This new process allows graphics to be printed onto cotton polyester blends, canvas, denim, hemp and other different types of materials with ease. The best part is that this whole process takes less than 40 seconds.

The capabilities of this new process of printing are limitless and the machine is a game changer for the printing and textile industries. The future looks bright, with significant potential for growth and development. As the technology becomes more widespread, the production process will become more efficient, and it is likely that the cost of DTF printing will decrease over time and it will be more accessible to a wider range of users.

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