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Nova Sublimation Australia Pty Ltd commenced trading in January 1992. Over the past 29 years, there have been dramatic developments in sublimation technology with the introduction of inks producing transfers through various Epson Ink-Jet printers. Nova Sublimation Australia Pty Ltd represents the Sawgrass Co., an American corporation that pioneered this process and are the leading suppliers of SubliJet Ink-Jet cartridges and satchels.

Sublimation is going through a very exciting period with the introduction of new model printers and inks delivery systems.

By price comparison, it has never been more affordable to get involved with sublimation.

Nova Sublimation Australia Pty Ltd exhibits most of the industry Trade Shows. Our clientele groups are the Sign, Engraving, Trophies, Awards, Screen printing, Textiles and Promotional Industries.

Think about the scope if you could generate the artwork on your computer and apply it to the end item within minutes. You could produce unique personalised gifts or corporate and promotional items in quantities to suit your customer’s needs.

Our Sublimation and Printing Systems give you the capability to do all of this, customising a wide range of products, quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

We supply a complete range of goods for the sublimation printer. Quality heat transfer presses, premium sublimation inks and a choice of printers together with a huge selection of printable items and accessories.

Here at Nova Australia we also understand that our customers want not only the best equipment and consumables but also ongoing support and advice. As a small business, established in 1992, we are widely recognised for our customer care and dedicated to giving all of our clients the personal attention they require. We are also Australia’s longest authorised distributor of Sublijet™ inks. Our many years of experience in the sublimation business allows us to offer comprehensive technical assistance.

So if you want to broaden your horizons by starting a new business or if you want to increase your existing product range the opportunity is right here.

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Soraya ozGoogle Review

Very friendly and flexible services and great quality products

James MicallefGoogle Review

I want to say a BIG thanks to Joe and William from Nova, for all there help getting me the machine I was after, right from the start to delivery and even to setup. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and there customer service.
Thanks again guys