Dye Sublimation Printers, Starter Kits

The new Sawgrass Virtuoso Dye Sublimation Printers, will allow you to create like never before.

The Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System, featuring the only desktop printers designed specifically for sublimation. A fully integrated system that brings together printer, SubliJet-HD inks and Creative Studio software to deliver the highest definition sublimation printers on the market. 

Be empowered to diversify and separate yourself from the competition with high-margin personalised and customised products. With our exceptionally versatile print-on-demand technology, you’re able to produce a wide variety of products with vibrant colors, high-definition images with little-to-no finished goods inventory. Explore some of the many applications and markets that you can tap into with our digital printing technology such as Schools, Education Programs, Promotional Markets, Signage, Awards, Garment and HD Photography.