VJ628 Virtuoso 25

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Sawgrass     weight: 425Kg

VJ628 Virtuoso 25 Details

The Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ628 starter pack is normally priced at $13544.00, Saving you $779.00.00 this includes a ChromaLuxe HD photo panels starter pack.

On Special for a limited time  

 A fully integrated turnkey system consisting of Printer, inks, rip software, and support all combined and in the one place. Using Sublijet HD ink technology teaming up with Mutoh print engineering expertise.  Delivering a true professional level Dye sublimation solution. The printer has 25” 630mm wide print capacity, specifically designed for HD photography, Fine art, Commercial Décor, Interior Signage and will also Apparel too. Running various print platforms with matching Profile drivers. HD 8 Colour or Dual CMYK. This printer has a proven Industrial Durable print head with extend life performance. With Photo Quality Resolution 1440 x 1140.

Our NovaSub 750 Heat press is ideally suited to the VJ628 with heating platen size 75 x 100cm. very simple to use, it only requires a std 240V air compressor to run with low operator fatigue. Its the perfect match for this printer. 

VJ628 Virtuoso 25 Inclusions

Printer Package consists the Following

#204011 VJ628 Printer with  #2141098 x Cleaning cartridges and maintenance kit included

8 x Sublijet HD 220ml dye sublimation cartridges

#204061 VJ628 Printer stand

#500141 Novasub 750 Pneumatic heat press

#371221 S-Race   130gsm  W630 x 75m HD transfer sublimation paper roll

Starter pack of assorted gloss ChromaLuxe HD photo panels to the value of 150.00